by Akira Flip

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Recorded in less than a month, an album about feeling stuck and like things will fall apart and trying to find value in life beyond and alongside that. Reconciling your problems even if they don't get better.


released 01 July 2013



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Track Name: June
It’s June, And I just woke up
At 3PM it’s cool at night so I

Stayed up until 5AM
But it’s gonna be hot when I wake up

And It’s June and two years ago
I had just finished school, but what for? I’m just

Sitting here thinking that I thought
I’d be much better off by 25

I lean back in my chair and
Look out the window but the mesh screen makes it hard to

Focus; just wanna go up a mountain
And look at something distant because

My life is much to close
And the screen is just five inches away
And it’s starting to blur
Yeah it’s starting to blur when I look away.

Oh my God, this could last forever
Even if I get all my shit together
And I thought I would be something more
When I got straight As and drew pictures at home

My God, this could last for
And I can’t believe, maybe I could have tried harder
But it just hit me as I layed on the floor
Thinking about my dead dog and birthdays are coming to fast

Oh my God, even if this lasts forever
We’ll just fool ourselves that we’re finding something better
And I’ll shake myself and I’ll kick the floor
I’d rather tear myself apart than waste away

My God, I’ll get my shit together
And I’ll eat healthy and run everyday
And if nothing changes, if nothing changes
If nothing changes at least I know I did my part.

How trite, when I complain like this
And every song’s like this I’m looking inwardly and

How funny, I used to think so wide,
I used to hold it open but now I’m

Thinking of
My problems and my future

And I don’t care if this could last forever
I’m gonna try ‘cause that’s what I was born for
I don’t care, I don’t care
No matter how tired I get maybe I just need some sun

My God, this could last forever
But it’s not like I have nothing in the meantime
As long as I
Am still growing
It’s not nothing
I am not a fallow field.

It’s something!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Don't Lose Heart
When I look at my future
I see a cold and rustic road

Winding somewhere between the naked new england trees

And I'm lying by the side
looking deep into the sky

Watching my life and all my efforts fade away

And I admit it's a bit romantic
just some casuistic dream

of chasing integrity until I could not survive

But I know this wouldn't happen
between my friends and my family members
they'd take me in if everything went wrong

So I look up
I see that sky split up
and I come back to the world I know

But with such ease
that image comes back
it's so much easier to see failure
than success

And I know you feel like nothing
Because you've been told so at every turn

And what you thought you would be
you haven't become

But I like you
and I kind of like me

And I hope someday you'll like yourself

So I looked up
and the sky lit up

and maybe it feels like there's nothing below

Just get up
even when it's cold
and I'll try not to feel tired.

No matter what
to whatever end

I'd rather try in vain for my whole life

than give up
live my life a ghost
fading step by step

So I hate that first image
because it feels like giving up

Just laying down at the end of a life

because I hope I'm not
just some cursed and bitter man
with nothing left that I can stand

so I just wont
lose heart
don't lose heart
don't lose heart!
Track Name: Waste
I waste
Hours at a time
yeah waste has become my life

And my dreams are just stuffed in the cracks
Yeah my dreams are just things I avoid

And some days feel like a coma
they're thick and black and opaque

And I come out and I wonder why I am
but too lethargic to do anything

And I've sworn off drugs and alcohol
my whole life but what good has it done

If I can't live with an ounce of control
If I can't face what I know makes me whole

I can't think,
it just hurts
it just hurts
it just hurts
it just hurts
it just hurts

How can I turn up my nose at
hedonistic lives
If I spend my whole life squandering
my finite time away

Just one more time I say
as I go to check another site
just one more minute I say
and complain that there's just
no time
no time
no time

Hours spent discussing
what authenticity means
Redefining success
independent of your genes

As you sabotage yourself
Staying up 'til 2AM
You say just one more hour
and you'll stumble blind until
you die
you die
you die

You're nothing special
You're not unique
You're lacking something
Don't be so weak

You'll never know
if you don't focus
Where's your control?
Why don't you show us?

It goes on and on and on

You must think
even if it hurts
even if it hurts

You must think,
I am strong I am strong
And you must scream I am strong I am strong

Track Name: See Ya
We don't care! Anymore!
We've found our own answers,
we don't have to impress them

And I don't care! How they sing!
The vibrato is too polished
and I can't feel no honesty in it.

It was maybe 8 years ago
we were "young and fresh"
Well not so fresh
I could already see the clouds around your eyes

How we knew all the chords
Just couldn't put a song together
We tried so many times
but by the time we knew better

You were across the state
And we developed our own tastes
But who knew how long we'd have to wait
Years went by and nothing seemed to change

So I moved Away!
Across the States!
With just a backpack and
No place to stay!

But maybe I'll go away!
Somewhere out of the States!
Maybe I'll find what I'm looking for!
Maybe I'll get further away!!

We run
so far away
As fast as we can
from our parents den

Were The years that have left us
Just illusions of progress?
Or are we getting ever closer
to some opaque future?

But I wont stop I will take part
In crafting a life in a million starts
And I'll cheer you on from across the country
And just be glad that at least you found love

We trade our cells for other cells
in what seems like freedom just as well
We could be free from our student debts
If we confine our selves to our parents basements

I'll sit in my apartment as the
sun cracks through the blinds
Listening to high school punk bands
And wishing I just had a little more time

So just make sure you walk
As 25 approaches and we know we aren't teenagers anymore

But I'll scream these songs
because the energy creates us
we vocalize to prove we are alive

I don't' know
where to go
but I'll try my hardest not to break

I don't know
where to go
but I'll try my hardest and I'll love you
if you just do the same
Track Name: Robin's Song
Do I know anything anymore?
It all seemed simple at the start.

But it seems as I grow older, in time
I get less certain, I guess I'll keep that in mind

And with every step I am less sure
But I'm not frightened any more

And I'm too unsure to be bitter

As we keep learning how to live in this world

And I'll keep trying to live well in this world

We'll live together and share the whole world.

Let's take care of each other, hand in hand.
Track Name: 1000 Free iPads
The ocean destroys
it gives life
and it's taken my friends
So I set out upon it to make my peace
and to fill my head with something new

I set out east on the waves
and the endless arc
of the blue sky above me and
the ocean surrounds
and empties my tortured head

And I remember before I met you
in those careless school days
you were just somebody who sat in front
a couple rows ahead of me

And it's hard to reconcile
your dead body lying naked
swollen in the mud
And I'll hold your hand and remember
how it once felt warm

As I sit here crying remembering the
warmth of life

As water pours from my eyes
but starts to recede into the sea

We lived down by the levy
where my parents rented boats
And it was slow save in the summer
but we managed to get by
As I scaled down the mountain where I escaped from the flood
I saw one of our boats their, lying upside down, and I dragged it out.

So I set out on the sea
and I called from my ruined home
Do with me as you please,
There is nothing here for me
So I pushed out from the rubble
And I looked back once more
To see the town where I was born
But I turned
my back
And set out to the sea

Let's hope the ocean waves will calm me.
Let's hope the ocean waves will change me.
The endless scope of the sky will absorb my hate
and whisper, "You are free"

Person 1:

Just hold my hand darling
and I'll pretend you are asleep
Just hold my hand darling,
though your eyes no longer see

Do you remember that summer
Where everyone one left
to go on some vacation,
but we just stayed,
we stayed at our homes?

Person 2:
I remember that summer
How we met in the field
where you played catch by yourself
throwing a ball up in the air

and I caught it on the way down
how you got so mad
and then you started crying because
You were no longer alone


It's all I ever wanted
That summer with you
There's nothing I needed
But to ride bikes with you

We rode by the seaside,
and we stopped outside the town
And all our sweat was just a sign
of all we had done

Person 1, alone:

You're gone now!!!
You've washed far from me!!!
And now I mean nothing, to anyone, that can still breath!!!!!

Dear, but should I be thankful,
that I have your memory,
to fill up my mind at night?

Now the ocean swells below me as the sun sets further west
As it glistens int he waning, as reflected in your eyes
The town we had together still means something to to me
And I scream out from the ocean




Because you're all I have

And now the ocean waves have calmed me.
And now the ocean waves have changed me.
The endless scope of the sky has absorbed my hate
I know that I am free.
Track Name: Reprise
I don't know if this is a good idea
We've gotta try it's already a compromise
We've got one month to see the whole country
When it's all we wanted to do for the rest of our lives